Mr Windbags The Incredible Magic Party

Case Study 1: Birthday Party for 6 Year-old Emily


Emily’s sixth birthday was coming up and her mum wanted to do something really special. But she also wanted to be able to enjoy the day herself and take photos of Emily having fun with her friends. She loved the idea of the Incredible Magic Party and felt that free invitations and Party Bags on “Sale or Return” would save her both time and money.

The Night Before:

Mr Windbags had already sent a written confirmation, but also called the night before to check over all the details.

20 Minutes and Counting:

Mr Windbags arrives in plenty of time to set up his equipment and props.  He also runs through the running order with the grown-ups and takes charge of the final arrangements: where coats go, a table for the presents…

4.00pm  It’s Party Time!:

As the party-goers clock on Mr Windbags gets everyone in the party mood with his warm-up routines, plate spinning and the Big Bubble Machine.

4.10pm  Magic Laughter Show:

When the children are ready Mr W. sits everyone down for the Magic Show. This features comedy magic, audience participation and balloon modelling specially chosen for the age group. Emily and her friends had recently seen Mr Windbags at another party, so Mr Windbags pulls some new routines and surprises out of his bag. However, he keeps in a routine Emily loves where water spouts from the Birthday Girl’s elbow.  This, and lots of other little touches, make Emily feel she is the Star of the Show.

4.55pm  Teatime:

After the magic Emily leads her friends through the Magic Tea Tunnel to the tea table.  Mr W enjoys a cup of tea (Milk and no sugar, thank you) while the food is served and then is on hand to keep the children amused until it is time to sing “Happy Birthday”.  Mr Windbags helps stage this with his customary showmanship and makes sure that this is the highlight of the meal and a special moment for Emily.

5.15pm  Games:

The children are keen to carry on with the fun and tea finishes early, but Mr Windbags is ready with his special games and competitions. Some of them are new and some are silly. Best of all, he has updated some old favourites and given them a twist so everyone can play and no one feels left out: What Time Is It Mr Windbags? and the Quack, Quack Quiz are particular hits. Mr Windbags always brings lots of games and competitions with him so he can choose the best ones for his audience. Naturally, Mr W provides the music and all the little prizes and things he needs to make this a huge success.

6.00pm  Home:

After the last game it is time for a Grand Finale with the Birthday Superstar and the children gave a round of applause to thank Emily and her mum for the party. As the parents arrive to take the children home, Mr Windbags helps the children collect balloon models and Party Bags from Emily and her very happy mum. 

Mr Windbags, Durham


"Thanks for another great party! William and his friends had a fabulous time and the parents haven't stopped talking about it either. Having you provide the entertainment, and the party bags, makes life so much easier for parents. Three cheers for Mr Windbags!"
Marion Peutherer, Gosforth

“Thank you again for entertaining the children so brilliantly.
It was all the talk on Monday at school!”
Mrs Wilkinson, Catterick

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