Case Study 2: Birthday Party for 7 Year old Catherine

Booking an entertainer isn’t something you do every day, so don’t just take my word for it: I asked a client what she thought of the whole party package and why she chose Mr Windbags…

How did the children react to Mr Windbags’s Incredible Magic Party Package?

“Mr Windbags had them eating out of his hand in no time and they all thoroughly enjoyed both the games and the magic. Catherine thought the games were wonderful and was delighted by the magic after tea because, she said, usually at parties you have your tea and then go home, so I think she felt that she had had two parties!”

What effect did Mr Windbags have on the day?

“He kept 18 seven-year-olds enthralled, entertained and happy for the whole party; he really made their day. He also succeeded in taking the stress out of running the party so the adults could relax and enjoy the children enjoying themselves. The Party Package was good value for money and offered a very civilized way to have a party.”

Would you recommend Mr Windbags to someone planning a Birthday Party?

“I don’t need to! – One of the mothers is going to book Mr Windbags; another mother said it was the best party her daughter had been to. In fact, all the parents who attended seemed very impressed and made complimentary remarks. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and everyone.”

                                                                       Joanne C., Gosforth

Mr Windbags can entertain ANYWHERE!Mr Windbags, Durham

" Thank you Mr Windbags for a great party. Joseph really loved it and we have some brilliant pictures of him in hysterics laughing at your antics! His friends were captivated and the parents all commented on what a great party it was.
It made his party extra ordinary and memorable! Can't wait for
the next Mr Windbags pary!"
Victoria Solomon, Newcastle

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