Legal Stuff

Risk Assessment

Mr Windbags has prepared a general risk assessment for his Magic and Birthday Party performances which is frequently reviewed and covers all likely eventualities. He would be delighted to produce a risk assessment for your specific event.   


Electrical Testing

All electrical equipment is regularly tested. A further visual test is carried out on setting up. An RCD power breaker is used between Mr Windbags’s equipment and the mains.


Public Liability

For your peace of mind Mr Windbags carries Public Liability Insurance for £10,000,000 through his membership of Equity. Just ask for details.


Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure

Adrian Wright has been “police checked” and has worked as “Mr Windbags” for Social Services and countless public bodies. He will be happy to supply details of his CRB disclosure on request.


Equity Code of Conduct

As a full member of Equity, the professional performers organisation, Mr Windbags has signed up to the Equity Code of Conduct for professional children’s entertainers. Click here for more details.



Mr Windbags retains the copyright for all his original material and performances. However, he loves having his photo taken and is only too happy for people to take photos and videos for personal use during both the Magic Show and the Party Games. Just let Mr W. know and he will show you the best place to get some great shots.

He also loves to see the photos afterwards; feel free to post them up on his Facebook wall or email them to Windbags HQ.