Party Bags

Let Mr Windbags take the bother out of making up the party bags: he can supply funky party bags for everyone to take home which are jam-packed with things which children love to play with. (To make sure, Windbags HQ tests all new products on actual, genuine children!)

  • All toys CE-marked for 3yrs+
  • No lollipops or sticky chews
  • No artificial colourings
  • No unwrapped sweets
  • An amazing price of just £1.75 per bag
  • Free delivery on the day
  • Full refund on any leftover Party Bags
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can order as many of each bag as you like and just hand back the unwanted bags back for a full refund: Mr Windbags’s Party Bags will save you time, trouble and money.

The contents of the bag might vary, but they usually contain:


Boy's Party Bag:

Mr windbags Boys Party Bag

  • A bag of sweets (no artificial colours)
  • A balloon
  • A bouncy ball
  • A temporary pirate tattoo
  • A special Mr Windbags Magic Tricks Card
  • An aeroplane glider
  • A parachute man

Girl's Party Bag:

Mr Windbags Girls Party Bag

  • A bag of sweets (no artificial colours)
  • A balloon
  • A bouncy ball
  • A temporary fairy tattoo
  • A special Mr Windbags Magic Tricks Card
  • A roll of mini stickers
  • A spiky ring

Universal Party Bag (for both Girls & Boys):

Mr Windbag Universal Party Bag

  • A bag of sweets (no artificial colours)
  • A balloon
  • A pot of bubbles
  • A temporary tattoo
  • A bouncy ball
  • A punch-ball balloon
  • A special Mr Windbags Magic Tricks Card


To order:

Simply let me know the maximum number of each Party Bag you might need.  I normally keep a good supply in stock, but they are amazingly popular so it is best to give me seven days’ notice!  I will bring them on the day and you just pay for the Party Bags you actually use.


Balloon Models

Mr Windbags Flying Mice Balloon Animals

Mr Windbags is a master balloonologist and the childen love his wild creations.  He will give away the one’s he makes during the show, but to keep everyone happy he can also supply them ready-twisted so that everyone can take one home at the end of the party.

For only 85p a head he will supply a selection of balloons such as swords, sausage dogs, teddy bears, parrot hats and lots of the incredibly popular SuperMouses!

To Order: 

Just let him know the night before how many children you are expecting and he will bring the balloons with him on the day.

Mr Windbags Durham

"Fergus (and Patrick) thoroughly enjoyed the show and their party has been described by others as "the best ever". It was the least stressful party ever for Mums and Dads"
Lesley & Jonathan Hamill, Durham City

Thank you for making Lucy's 5th birthday party so amazing. Mums and children at the school gates have been telling me what a great time they had. I would also recommend your party bags to anyone who is booking you, make it easy on yourself Mums! Many, many thanks.
Alison Heslop, Sedgfield


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